Creating my first escape room

Did I become obsessed with escape adventures? Sure. After going through over 30 escape rooms, I decided to have fun and convert a room in our home into an escape room for the Holidays to be enjoyed by our family and friends. We picked a theme: “The disappearance of  Ebenezer Scrooge” and the scene would be his bedroom. After removing everything from the room expect for the mattress and the chest at the end of the bed, we went on a hunt for great pieces online and second hand stores. As items came in, the planning and puzzle design began. I followed the following steps:

  1. The Story: Drafted a storyline to help ensure there’s a purpose to the escape room. Broke-up the narrative into digestible pieces with a beginning, middle, and end; Made a flowchart of the storyline.
  2. The Puzzles: Matched puzzle types to the narrative challenges; Made a shopping list of needed material and items.
  3. The Room: Designed the themed room look and feel. What and where furniture and props would be placed in the room; Made a room layout plan; Made a shopping list of missing items.
  4. Build It: Brought it all together.

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